Accurate modelling, measurements and mapping

created by dji camera
Thermal Solar

Lynx Drones can carry out detailed inspections of utility infrastructure such as wind turbines, power lines, and solar panels. Using a drone to inspect for damage, defects and faults means less time working at height and faster inspection times. This means valuable utilities spend less time offline and a repair strategy can be implemented and replacement parts can be ordered without workers leaving the surface.

Our drones take high resolution photographs and can be viewed in real time so you can inspect your valuable assets while we fly. This allows you to communicate directly with us to carry out the inspection your way. We are capable of inspecting several wind turbines, pylons, and towers in a single day.

We are able to conduct inspections in areas inaccessible to people and traditional inspection methods, ensuring our clients are confident in risk management and operational efficiency.

Speak to us about your data output and accuracy requirements…

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